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Employer: Maid initially 1 hour late from day off, now 3 hours late – Singapore News

"It is getting on my nerves", the employer wrote, and she asked netizens for advice on the matter/* inline tdc_css att */.tdi_30_611{margin-top:0px !important;margin-right:-40px !important;margin-left:-40px...

Do Singaporeans generally rely too much on domestic helpers? – Singapore News

One Singaporean says he and his partner had only an hour to themselves even though they had only a dog, and no children, to...


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Govt announces water price increase; hawkers contemplate hiking food prices – Singapore News

"If the government wants to raise the price, we have no choice. If we can't accept it next year, we will raise (the price),"...
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SFA recalls Msian Mee Suar, food allergen gluten detected – Singapore News

Gluten was not declared on the noodle’s packaging label, says SFA/* inline tdc_css att */.tdi_30_6a1{margin-top:0px !important;margin-right:-40px !important;margin-left:-40px !important;padding-top:30px !important;padding-right:40px !important;padding-bottom:42px !important;padding-left:40px !important;position:relative;}/* portrait */@media...

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How Much Savings Should I Have at 30 Singapore? Netizens Debate Over S$71K Average Savings Figure

The online user asked Singaporeans if they think these calculations are accurate, adding, "For me, I find it quite close". Another netizen responded with...

Is It Time To Invest in Bonds for Passive Income Again? – Singapore News

Here are both pros and cons to help you decide/* inline tdc_css att */.tdi_30_475{margin-top:0px !important;margin-right:-40px !important;margin-left:-40px !important;padding-top:30px !important;padding-right:40px !important;padding-bottom:42px !important;padding-left:40px !important;position:relative;}/* portrait */@media (min-width:...

Yao Wenlong shows off his S$400K house in Johor Bahru

Wenlong’s new abode consists of a large living room, a kitchen, an outdoor deck, and three spacious rooms with separate bathrooms. /* inline tdc_css att...

Yee Jenn Jong: No sense in punishing Soh Rui Yong – Singapore News

It's 'petty' to exclude Soh when 'by merit, he is more qualified', says Yee/* inline tdc_css att */.tdi_30_516{margin-top:0px !important;margin-right:-40px !important;margin-left:-40px !important;padding-top:30px !important;padding-right:40px !important;padding-bottom:42px !important;padding-left:40px...

Singaporean allegedly tried to use her body to reserve parking lot in JB, hurled vulgarities when asked to move – Singapore News

The victim later approached the shopping mall management and confirmed that people are not allowed to physically occupy parking spaces in place of vehicles./*...
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Singapore school students will begin studying subjects at higher or lower levels depending on their strengths/* inline tdc_css att */.tdi_30_224{margin-top:0px !important;margin-right:-40px !important;margin-left:-40px !important;padding-top:30px !important;padding-right:40px...

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